A reference to monumentality
Live performance
Milano, Italy
12 April 2016


I caught a reflection of my own body today.
It turned from my own into the perception of a material form.

I found myself activated.
I saw a self somehow dislodged.
My body became a motor: generating an action.
I was knee-deep in the outside view of this form.

My self and it self became completely separated.
The body perceived and the mind contemplating this motion…

The adjacent self responded: I was a solid subject.

I meant to activate and re-direct the attention to my own process of seeing.
Re-orientate my body into a form.

A prosaically functional, resolutely practical property.
I entered my own perception as a reception.

I found myself in a second waiting-room within my aspect of spectatorship.
I view myself with narration.

A method evolves.

My body lay the foundation.
The dialogue begins with open ended questions with answers that result in activity:
A call to response.


I see a form erect.
A reference to monumentality.

I remain separate from the two selfs and step into the role of the mediator.

Remaining ambiguous in my deliberation of where I stand,
I walk between the two roles. I focus on the knowing subject.

I free myself of the restrictions of representing either actors and remain the author.
I map out an area of behaviour.

How do I move in this space?

Here I encounter a dilemma.
I am not able to dislodge myself completely from my bodily form
but still gather enough independence, transferring into a passive function and myself into a viewer.

I have no pre-conditions for spectatorship or participation.
I see this action in motion as a separate task.

My self is a restrictive presence but also the instigator, a necessity in the unfolding.
A body of authority in this space.

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