A close-knit symphonic texture, 2014
Two part live performance / sculpture

The various sculptures found in the installation fuse tactile ideas of soft and hard.
With colours and textures that we encounter as consistencies. Could be tapioca pudding,
could be the ultra-soft 22 beige rose emulsion designed to instantly smooth combination to oily skin,
could be a close-knit symphonic texture.
Each matter interacted with appear pre-cut and manufactured, but are actually handmade, hand finished and carefully crafted.
Foam covered in 100% silk, perfectly round bath-ball-like spheres infused with eau de toilette,
a foundation sample sunk in clear soap shaped structures.

Two interact with sculptures infused with found scents with given names such as 'tranquility',
'reflection' and 'karma'. The fragrant representation of named emotions are visceral.
The bottle reads 'passion' but contradictory the old factory reaction could be 'torment'.

A group of 6 interact with each other and soft structures.
These carry tones of subtle beige and brown hues reminiscent of used make-up sponges.

These are reflections on the domesticity of objects which we encounter as we approach 'beauty'
and well-being. With which we caress our face and body, scent and tint our skin with.
In this performance the exploration is that of this singular use and lonely objects as tools of
interaction with others. A point of caress with another.