Delfi, Malmö
September, 2018
"An intermission is the break in a theatrical play. The exhibition takes its starting point in this break – when nothing happens on stage but the action continues off-stage and stage directions, labour and back drops becomes visible."
Participating artist: Hannah Anbert, Sanna Helena Berger, Emilia Bergmark, Aske Høier Olsen (w costumes by Esben Weile Kjær), Eugene Sundelius von Rosen (with Christofer Degrér) and Marie Vedel

Sanna Helena Berger
18.00 - 18.02 Intermission 1 Part I
18.15 - 18.30 Intermission 1 Part II
20.30 - 20.45 Intermission 2
23.00 - 24.00 Intermission 3 (live performance)

Intermission I
Intermission I
Intermission 2 with Shade Theret

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