Rust to Rust by The mycological twist
Project Space Festival, Berlin, May, 2019

Leisure, as a complement to labour, bares confusing elements in relation to its function. Having fun entails reproducing moments that might not be fun, but become enjoyable precisely because they exist outside the work context. Current forms of leisure seem to increasingly perform tasks of labour or are performed at the workplace with colleagues. In this context, especially office work, the environment starts to mimic domestic scenes. Commuting back and forth from home-office to office-home, a mobile device keeps the connection to all colleagues aka the work-family. Simultaneously, that same device enables a bleeding of labour into ‘free time’. Be the boss of your own hamburger stand, while you travel back home from an exhausting day of work.
- The Mycological Twist

Accompanied by performances and interventions by:
Laura Yuile
Omsk Social Club
Sanna Helena Berger

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Review by Textur Magazine (german)
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