Sanna Helena Berger
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Solo Exhibitions 2016
Agency (properties of pseudo-public spaces as a prelude), Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, October 2016
A sequence which corresponds, Union Gallery, London, 13 May - 25 June 2016
The edge must be scalloped, Diorama, Oslo, Norway, 1 April - 29 April 2016
A reference to monumentality, Garage Sanremo, Milano, Italy, 12 April 2016
Lease of Poem “Number 4”, Vantaa Airport, Finland, 26 April 2016

Solo Exhibitions 2015 / Exhibited works 2014 - 2016
An introduction to Benjamin Flesser's work for Modular Synthesisers, w. Benjamin Flesser, Spektrum, Berlin 26th November, 2016
Domestic Manifesto (video format), Modern Museum, Stockholm, October, 2016
Resident / Longshore Drift, Sorbus, Helsinki, Finland April 2016
She hated Haiku, Poppy’s gallery, Sacramento, USA, April 2016
Semla with Matilda Tjäder, Jupiter Woods, London, February, 2016
The movement as action (The body as function), Shanaynay, Paris, France, February 2016
A range (solo), Jupiter Woods, London, October 2015
The foundation is a body (solo), All Welcome, Vilnius, Lithuania, September, 2015
A-formal (wet suit), HFBK, Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg, December 2015
A principal division of a larger movement II w. Hanna Nilsson, Frankfurt Am Main Galerie, Berlin, October 2014
A principal division of a larger movement I w. Hanna Nilsson, berger gray, London, September 2014

Selected Published works
Domestic Manifesto Published by Las Injurias, Caracas, Venezuela, 2016
Agency, EVA Berlin Konferenzband, Kulturforum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, 2016

Other Works
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