A motif of mirroring in 3 acts
Live performance, monologue, sound, sculpture, video at Spitelkollonaden, Berlin
October, 2021


2 doppelgängers enter
A reflection acted out by two soon disparate images of self - the monologue shifts to reflect on this scene
Then the actual physical mirror / window is brought in and stands between them
a jarring element / disparities in the mind-body dualism
contrasts between global collective suffering and the individual’s cries of lost personal successes,
lamenting the diminished quality of life because of loss of social structures and performative scenes
rather than loss of life itself.
Gestural laments
While her upper-body sways back and forth as if in a state of trance.
(swaying braids of hair)
and the gestural choreography as well as storytelling qualities to reflect on contemporary lamentation,
affection, disaffection, displacement and infliction of tropes of performing
Fast and complex hand and arm movements set to the sanctus
Narrator and actors gestures together to set the scene and tempo
Feet that meet, feet to knee. Head and head.
Braiding hair with another who sits or lies still, then becomes part of the dispersal body / the somatic architecture
The classical cannon of expressions of the greek lament
For a very slow section - is this possible????
There are echoes in this contact
To exit the I as a whole
A dilemma

Persona Sonata is a performance by Sanna Helena Berger, reflecting on the paradoxes of contemporary lamentation.
A reflection of disparities between seeing the loss of the cultural persona lamented amidst ongoing global suffering.
It also reflects on the presence of the singular self within a voluminous body.
The want and need to interlink.
Movement narrated by sound and text becomes a language through which a sonata unfolds.

PERSONA SONATA / Sanna Helena Berger from
Full unedited documentation of the 1 hour performance is available on request. Persona Sonata act III abstracted is available to view here.
Persona Sonata is performed by Veronica Bruce, Luisa Alfonso, Shade Théret, Magdalena Mitterhofer,
Gloria Regotz, Wera Bet and Sanna Helena Berger.
Pole sequence movement is choreographed by Veronica Bruce.
Filmed by Alexander Iezzi and Arnold Trautwein.
Sound production by Hoyah. Process Contemporary Cruising

Persona Sonata is part of Lament’, a series of performances taking place between August through
November 2021 featuring works by Ana Gzirishvili, Cassie Augusta Johnnysdottir, Sanna Helena Berger,
and Ivan Cheng. Persona Sonata took place at Spittlemarkt on the 9th of October, 2021.