Sanna Helena Berger / Ewa Poniatowska Nadie Nunca Nada No, Madrid, January, 2022
Curated by Jorge Van Den Eynde

Performed by Ewa Poniatowska and Gloria Regotz
Choreographed by Sanna Helena Berger

Replica is a collaborative performance by artists Ewa Poniatowska and Sanna Helena Berger.
Berger and Poniatowska mix scent with sound and movement in this performative work which develops through a space in 9 scenes.
The installation consists of scattered matter which the performers activate; A perfume titled Idole, fishing wire-cum-boots,
milky substance trickling down a stack of champagne glasses. Sounds which stop and start, hysterical laughing fits,
the pouring and mixing of its residual scent. Scents which linger in the space melange with the myriad of eau de toilettes
which are poured into the escalating mixture and the smell of our own perfume, as a result of the performance,
a kind of intentional anti-product, intensifies alongside it. The scenes build and build and build.
The unfolding dramaturgy shows the two protagonists merge, meld, brawl and wrestle with the persona(s) which oscillate
from caress and care to chaotic clashes and fuse into a larger body. The whole scene is part performance, part theater,
part concert, part production of a product which contains the miasma which emerges from a kind of witches brew of our thematics.
The highlighting of the aspirational idol as false, the anti-capitalism of ephemerality, the exploration of ways in which body,
sound, scent and sight melange in a multi-sensory experience which both hits you in the face and lingers in your clothes, your hair,
your skin as a residual product of the performance itself - The live production of an entirely exclusive scented artifact - Replica.