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'A close-knit symphonic texture' is an installation consisting of performance, sound, scent and tactile sculptures.

The live performance consist of two structures.

A group of 6 in blue shades are instructed to interact with soft structures. These carry colours of subtle beige hues reminiscent of used make-up sponges.
The audience hear a separate sound piece from the performers. The sound of ASMR. The abstract noise merge with movement.

In the smaller performance, Sanna lets the subjects interact with sculptures that use found scents with names such as 'tranquility', 'reflection' and 'karma'.
The fragrant representation of emotions is visceral.
The bottle reads 'passion' but contradictory the old factory reaction could be 'torment'.

The various sculptures found in the installation fuse the tactile ideas of soft and hard.
With colours and textures that we associate with everyday encounters with consistencies.
Could be tapioca pudding, could be the ultra-soft 22 beige rose emulsion designed to instantly smooth combination to oily skin.
Then we see the red. Bold. Vibrant. Energetic.

Do you smell the 'karma'?

The performative structure attempt a close-knit contact between person and object and within the group.
Our senses come alert with sound and scent whilst tactile functions vary between sculptural entity and orthopaedic stress-release toy.

By marrying forms, sensory reactions and a structured sequence of movements, Sanna creates a juxtaposition of close-knit symphonic textures.

residency, majorca, spain 15th november - 1st february 2015

191 southwark park road
se16 3tx bermondsey london