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'hold, break activity' 8pm
19th May

Poligon Kreativni Center
Toba─Źna ulica 5,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
'hold, break activity' is an hour long installation by artist sanna helena berger (b. sweden, lives and works in london)
the work consists of a performance and 6 sculptures with dual function.
that of passive entity on wall. canvas like.
and that of action piece. a release of effect.
the hand embroidered, time consumingly laboured black nylon canvas is activated by the performer.
now a functional wearable item.
a bag.

the action released is a 17 syllable haiku.
the performers are a mass. material form is given to the abstract. it holds strong.
what starts as a structured reading ends surrounding the viewer in movements and sounds.
a body.

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