Knackemacka with Matilda Tjäder

Saturday 12th March, 2016
Mahlowerstraße 3, Berlin

16.00: knäckebröd
16.15: prologue
16.30: Domestic Manifesto

Guests: Anna Sagström, Carson Fisk – Vittori, Derek French, Nadine Goepfert, Charles Pryor, Marleen Boschen,

“Matilda Tjäder and Sanna Helena Berger would like to invite you to make a knäckemacka. A knäckemacka is a layered texture. Start with a crisp bread, crack an egg, a snake of caviar on top. The proposed setting (homestead) is a composition with a precursor – an ode to routine;  a soundscape of every-day scenarios. Crack, crunch, chew. A rhythm unveils. “