glass door

Glass door (Repräsentation)
128 cm x 48 cm, metal hinges

A smaller glass door is placed inside a larger door frame. A semi-obstruction; a non-functional, rigid saloon door which as an immovable door-cum-wall won’t bounce back but as a surface refracts sound and reflects movement in space and reminds us that the structural architecture of letting through or not, into backrooms, is real.

Invitations to openings.
Openings acting as obstructions to experiencing art.
Obstructing openings at openings.

At first glance the transparency offers some pictorial urge to frame something, a window-like focal point. And indeed each room that it reflects or sees-through is a glimpse of oneself or the other. Halting flow instead of accompanying it makes the viewer accommodate. Just as so much of the social scene of the art world and its architecture does in both the face and experience of art itself. It puts into it, en-route, semi-obstructive immovable objects which assemble with a labyrinthian effect where privilege is the master key, diamond saw and sledge hammer.

The listening ear in arts does not only hear works of sound it is also attuned to the sound of doors closing and the gradual slipping through to a limited capacity.

sanna helena berger glass door waf galerie vienna 2023

Der ganz normale luxus, Neu Workshop, Münich

Back in June 2022 we asked artist Sanna Helena Berger to take part of The Neu Workshop at Zirka, Munich. She decided to make a book which shares an entirely unedited and unrevised collection of matter that surrounded her at the time. Allowing for complete transparency of her surrounding and circumstance. From scanned books with notes in the margin, receipts from Italian gelato stands as bookmarks,Berger’s own work on the topic of transparency of personal and domestic circumstance and reflections on the decorum of art experiences figure throughout. The book has a as a cover, not a hard case but a bag. The ultimate weight of intellectual gravitas – the book, encased in the ultimate commodity and sign of luxury, the bag. Titled ‘Der ganz normale luxus’, these topics intertwine in a humorous but sincere setting shown as installation together with a video which acts as an advertisement. Mixing perfume titles with baroque sentiments of commerce and commodities, the viewer is encouraged to ‘Remain Basic’ as a mock-up perfume campaign. “